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Choropleth Visualizer

This is an interactive choropleth map which can visualize average road distances to various points of interests in the SF Bay Area. For instance, it can visualize the distances from Airbnb listings to their nearest health care facilities and average the results by the zip code of the Airbnb listing.

Running using docker (Recommended)

  1. Clone this git repository.
  2. Fill in APP_MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN in docker-compose.yml with a token from Mapbox.
  3. Run docker-compose up --build. Note that the first run will download and import the roads database which may take a while.
  4. Navigate to localhost:8000 in your browser and login with email and password password.

Running manually

This is a Laravel project. To get started, do the following:

  1. Install PHP and JS dependencies with composer install and npm ci.
  2. Copy .env.example to .env and fill out the configuration. Create any necessary databases and add your the mapbox token.
  3. Run php artisan key:generate which will generate an application key.
  4. Generate compiled JS and CSS with npm run dev or npm run prod.
  5. For development, run php artisan serve and navigate to localhost:8000.
  6. For deployment, point your web server with PHP to the public folder.

Importing databases

This project relies on two databases:

  1. The roadsindb database can be downloaded here. Adding CREATE SCHEMA bayarea; SET search_path = bayarea; to the beginning of bayarea_plsql.sql and import it into your roads database.
  2. Import ./scripts/roads_db/bayarea_uploaded_datasets into the roads database.
  3. Create a user by running php artisan tinker < ./scripts/login_db/


Visualizing Accessibility With Choropleth Maps (ACM LocalRec 2021)







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