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Life Cam Server Side Software, js, html, and scripts to manage uploaded pics
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Lifecam-Server app

We made this page to look like

This is a basic PHP page that uses jquery and jquery-infinitescroll to display a bunch of files from a folder. It loads more pictures as you scroll down in group of some predefined quantity.

There are three parameters: start: This is the image number to start at. 1 is the more recent. Higher numbers are more in the past. end: This is not the last picture to show, it's the quantity. Yes, I know it's strange. page: This parameter will show you the Nth set of $end pictures away from $start. Did this because the inifinite scroller requires a page= or some magic.

Possible bugs:

* Dont know what will happen when there are multiple folder

* Not very efficient, as it generates the thumbnails on the fly..but only 1 time, so kindof efficient

  • Might be permission issues on the server




Imagemagick "convert"

Todo (in no best order):

  • Invalid input checking
  • Commenting
  • Adstraction possibilites for larger and better gallaries

* Testing to see how it loads

  • Code cleanup from stealing code from breefield
  • Live refreshing
  • Side-bar style widget for mainpages

* cron-like thumbnail refresh so the client doesn't feel it

* support multiple date styles

* support pulling images for the scroller from older dates.

* support multiple users on different unix users on one apache user with a ?user= style switch or soemhting.

  • 4-up live view to see what everyone is doing
  • spacing between images to convey time dilation

Changes: 11-04-2012a: Updated to support multiple folders in the root by reversing the sort order 11-05-2012: Moved to a list-type grab for the list of images. Thumbnails are now made off-line by cron using a script Removed limits on the number of images, which could cause server pain. Cleaned a ton of code, still not very efficient Made it work with multiple folder 11-12-2012: Converted image loading over to a json interface and made the entire front page static. No php on the front page anymore. is a .html file now support multiple users with multiple cameras per user. All users get thumbnails. Put the thumbnails for a folder in the folder and call it profile.jpg moved everyone users data to a common location /data/uploads seperated the thumbnails from the images (/data/uploads_t). Made thumbnails a function of the server not the user prep work for live refresh and dashboard. added some comments but not enough probably.

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