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Packages CI

How Do I Use This?

First get dependencies and build everything. (Everything. Contracts, generated files, then finally the typescript itself.)

yarn && yarn build

Now if you want to, run all the tests:

yarn test

Want to test deploying? First start a local ethereum node:

yarn smart ethereumNode

Then in another terminal:

yarn smart contracts:deploy --network localhost

Want to deploy to kovan?

PRIVATE_KEY=$yourPrivateKeyHere yarn smart contracts:deploy --network kovan

Oh, now you want to verify your contracts on etherscan? You will need an etherscan api key, so get one. Then run this bad boy:

ETHERSCAN_API_KEY=$yourEtherscanAPIKeyHere yarn smart contracts:verify --network kovan $contractAddress $firstConstructorArg $secondConstructorArg

(This process will be automated further, to apply to most or all of the deployed contracts without needing to know their constructor arguments.)

Want To Write Code?


prereqs, yarn and node installed. To run the UI against polygon (networkId 137) or mumbai (networkId 80001). use DEFAULT_NETWORK_ID to set the networkId the UI will use. To get started first, git pull, for convenience we'll use dev branch for this example.

git pull
git checkout dev
yarn build
DEFAULT_NETWORK_ID=137 yarn simp start

Advance dev

If making code changes in Comps, it's convenient to have watchers running in separate shells to keep comps updated and simply refresh the UI. yarn comps transpile:watch and yarn comps types:watch

Example code change

If you would like to change the default rpc endpoints or add you own RPC endpoint, change the list in this file

  • update rpc list in packages/comps/src/components/ConnectAccount/constants/index.tsx
export const MATIC_RPCS = ['', ...

Then build and run the UI:

yarn build && DEFAULT_NETWORK_ID=137 yarn simp start


This repo uses eslint with a few options and prettier with 120 columns. Before committing any code, please run prettier:

yarn format:write

Then run the linter:

yarn lint


Documentation is available at