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The Augur Project Whitepaper


[1] English Whitepaper in LaTeX format.

[2] Overview Diagram in XML format.

[3] Reporting Diagram in XML format.


  1. Create an issue if there is an unclaimed language you'd like to translate. You will have 30 days to complete the translation, else your issue will be closed and someone else will be allowed to claim the translation.

  2. Paper must be delivered in LaTeX format, preferably using Overleaf. You can select "Clone this project" on the English Overleaf resource [1], and begin working on the translation in your own copy of the paper.

  3. Import the two XML files [2] [3] into and translate the diagrams. They can be exported as a PNG/JPG, and put into Overleaf.

  4. The final delivery needs to be an Overleaf link with your translation. Comment on your issue that it is complete, along with a payment address and currency of choice (ETH, REP, BTC).

Languages Complete

English - Reference Document

German - Milan

Japanese - CBB

Korean - misskiwi

Italian - Cryptopepe

Hungarian - Erik AJ

Russian - Vanospour

Romanian - larisa

Spanish - solas757575

Lithuanian - simas21

Vietnamese - Leodalat

Turkish - dalaq

Languages In Progress

Portuguese - javiermardones

Croatian - Missannth


If you have any questions, please join the Augur Discord and ask in the #translations channel.