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ngAnimate is best effect sulotion made for AngularJS
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##Change Log##

  • 2013/10/18 : Support ng-show, ng-hide feature.
  • 2013/10/17 : Fix the problems in angularjs 1.2.0-rc.3.

##About ngAnimate## ngAnimate is the best effect solution made for AngularJS.

ngAnimate only supports angularjs 1.2 - because it based on the AngularJS 1.2 extras ngAnimate.js module.

##Animations classes##

  • toggle
  • spin-toggle
  • slide-left
  • slide-right
  • slide-top
  • slide-down
  • bouncy-slide-left
  • bouncy-slide-right
  • bouncy-slide-top
  • bouncy-slide-down
  • scale-fade
  • scale-fade-in
  • bouncy-scale-in
  • flip-in
  • rotate-in
  • more if you have :)

##How to use?##

  1. Add ngAnimate.js first. (from angularjs1.2 extras)
  2. Add ng-animate.css to you website.
  3. Add animate class in html elements which you want have some effect.
  4. Done!


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