Multiplatform password management using the KeePass database
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Elegant, multiplatform password management using the renowned KeePass database.



  • Full integration with the KDBX password format
  • Implementation in JavaFX
  • Responsive design, portable to multiple platforms
  • Security
  • Great performance and low memory use


Very much in development and not yet ready for the real world. Supports most basic KeePass functionality on desktop. Future milestones include removing the AWT dependency (java.desktop module) and supporting mobile devices through GluonVM.


  • Signed Jar
  • Mac (todo)
  • Windows (todo)
  • Linux (todo)
  • Android (todo)
  • iOS (todo)


  • AutoType: With Case open and a website's login field selected, type Command or Control with 'G' and Case will automatically enter the username and password.
  • Customizable Preferences Preferences
  • Platform integrated menu and shortcuts

Mac Menu

  • Custom Themes

With the following css file,

.root {
    -fx-base: #0E2F44;

Dark Preferences Dark Home Or for fans of purple gradients,

.rootPane {
    -fx-background-color: linear-gradient(to bottom right, #ce0335, #cc00ff);

Purple Login To build new themes, look at Case's base stylesheet, the Modena Stylesheet and JavaFX's CSS Reference.


Many thanks to the foundational work of:


  • fix logic for adding/removing fields
  • cache menu instead of recreating on each view
    • keep observable-list of custom menu items.
  • Blocked
  • Enhancements / Appearance tweaks
    • create GUI for utils.PasswordGenerator
    • refactor entrymodel class (no need for delayed initialization of properties).
    • Show more details in listview; website, etc.
    • implement recycle bin
    • order recently opened files by access date on login screen
    • actually do something with expiration date.
    • remember screensize, position (Preferences)
    • work on group view
      • drag and drop entry to change group
      • ability to delete, edit groups
    • sorting based on title, website, updated, etc
    • A welcome tutorial on first visit
    • text formatting in expires field
    • clearable search field
    • launch at startup option
  • Pull request to KeePassJava2
    • Add features to dom module present in other implementations: tags, history, times used, etc.
    • remove Guava, other big dependencies
  • Deployment
    • signing
    • Native installers for PC and mobile.
    • create binary css files with javapackager

Development Notes

How to build:

mvn clean install compile package assembly:single

Requirements when using SceneBuilder tool:

  • Import custom FXML components after building with mvn package
  • Before opening a file, go to Preview -> Scene Stylesheets -> Import and select resources/css/base.css.
    • this must be done every time SceneBuilder is opened
  • Then open the desired fxml file.
  • Without importing the stylesheet, the app will hang and melt your computer.

FXML Notes:

  • Use Intellij Idea (Pro Version) or Eclipse with e(fx)clipse for superior FXML integration.
  • Use SceneBuilder to view hand-made FXML changes, instead of creating the FXML itself. Scenebuilder FXML output is frankly unreadable.
  • Forward references for $variables are not supported.

Javapackager command to build native images (not yet working):

javapackager -deploy -native dmg -BsystemWide=false -BappVersion=1.0.0 -name Case -title Case -vendor "August Nagro" -outdir dist -outfile Case-1.0.0 --module-path dist:/Users/august/.m2/repository/com/1stleg/jnativehook/2.1.0 --add-modules us.nagro.august.caseapp --module us.nagro.august.caseapp/us.nagro.august.caseapp.Main -description "Elegant, multiplatform password management based on the renowned KDBX technology"