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Getting Started with Ionic

This is a base repository for getting started with the Ionic framework.

The project will build a small interactive chat application using Firebase that will allow users to chat in real time.

Vagrant Setup

If you don't already, you should have Vagrant and Virtual Box installed.

Open a command prompt to the directory you cloned this repository to and type vagrant up to load the vagrant box for this project.

Then type vagrant ssh to load up a command prompt to the machine with the entire stack already installed.

Preview the Project

While ssh'd into your vagrant machine, go to the directory /vagrant/ChatApp and type ionic serve

Then, open a browser window to http://localhost:8100/ and this should show the Ionic project as you're working on it!

Things we are covering in this project

  1. Angular JS Basics
  • Routing
  • Controllers
  • Services
  1. Basic Ionic Components
  2. Installing an APK on an Android device


  1. Add validation so we don't send blank data to the server.
  2. Add Emoji support
  1. Make the app show a gravatar image if the name is an e-mail address
  • Just check for something simple like the existence of @ and . in the name.
  1. Alter the firebase service to store and retrieve a timestamp for messages