Student submissions for the WWDC 2018 Scholarship
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WWDC 2018 Scholarship Submissions

List of student submissions for the WWDC 2018 scholarship. To add your own below, just edit this file and submit a pull request! Please read the PLEASE READ section before submitting.

Name Source Videos Technologies Status
Aaron Cheung YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, Gesture Recognizer Submitted
Aaron Nguyen GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Adann Simões GitHub PlaygroundBooks, UIKit, CoreGraphics Submitted
Adrian Labbé GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Adrián Rubio GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit Submitted
Akshaya Dinesh GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Albert Sanchez GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, Foundation, AppKit Accepted
Alessandro Izzo GitHub YouTube UIKit, GameplayKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Alessandro Minopoli GitHub SpriteKit, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Alexandre Vassinievski GitHub UIKit, ARKit, SceneKit Submitted
Alex Santarelli GitHub YouTube ARKit, JSON Parsing Submitted
Alexis Aubry GitHub YouTube Core ML, Core Image, TensorFlow, Playground Book Rejected
Ali Kheirkhah GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, ARKit Submitted
Amanda Southworth UIKit, CoreML, AVFoundation, Vision, Foundation Submitted
Amit Kalra GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, Gesture Recognizer Accepted
Andreas Neusuess GitHub AVFoundation, UIKit, CoreAnimation, CoreImage Accepted
Andy Vainauskas GitHub AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Anıl Gürses GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Anirudh Natarajan GitHub Youtube ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Antonio Zaitoun GitHub YouTube UIKit, SceneKit, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation Submitted
Arno Appenzeller GitHub UIKit, PlaygroundBook Submitted
Arthur Schiller Youtube UIKit, ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, Metal, GameplayKit Accepted
Arved Viehweger GitHub YouTube UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Aryan Kashyap UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundSupport, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Aryeh Greenberg GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Aulene De GitHub SpriteKit Submitted
Austin Fuller GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics Submitted
Bart Wesselink GitHub YouTube AVFoundation, SpriteKit, PlaygroundBooks Accepted
Batuhan Saka SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Ben Emdon GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Bernardo Sarto de Lucena GitHub YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit Submitted
Bradley Mackey GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, SceneKit, GameplayKit, UIKit Accepted
Brenda Lau YouTube CoreML, Vision, AVKit Accepted
Bruno Chagas GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Carlo Carpio GitHub Youtube SpriteKit, UIKit, Playground books Submitted
Chip Beck GitHub UIKit, MapKit, AVKit, CoreGraphics Accepted
Charles-Olivier Demers GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, Playground book Rejected
Christian Schnorr GitHub CoreGraphics & CoreText Submitted
Collin DeWaters GitHub YouTube AppKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Dalton Prescott GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, CoreML, AVFoundation Submitted
Daniel Gruber Bitbucket UIKit, PlaygroundBooks, CoreGraphics Submitted
David Nadoba GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Dowland Aiello GitHub YouTube AppKit, SpriteKit, Foundation Submitted
Eduardo Yutaka Nakanishi GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreMotion Submitted
Egor Zhdan GitHub Cocoa, SpriteKit Accepted
Eliott Hauteclair AVFoundation, UIKit Rejected
Emannuel Carvalho GitHub YouTube Vision, CALayer, Core Animation, AVCapture, UIKit Submitted
Erick Borges GitHub YouTube Core Graphics Accepted
Erik Martin GitHub SpriteKit, Cocoa Accepted
Erik Maximilian Martens GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit Rejected
Ferdinand Loesch GitHub AVFoundation, CIDetector, SpriteKit, Cocoa Accepted
Florian Pfisterer GitHub CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, UIKit, CoreText Submitted
Francesc Bruguera GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreGraphics, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Francesco Chiusolo Github SpriteKit Rejected
Francesco Trusiano GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Gautham Elango GitHub YouTube UIKit Rejected
Gennaro Amura YouTube UIKit, Playground Book Submitted
Geomar Bastiani GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Submitted
Giovani Pereira GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit Submitted
Giovanni Bassolino YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Giovanni Luigi Bruno GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, Gameplay Kit, AVFoundation Accepted
Guillermo Cique GitHub YouTube UIKit, Playground Books, SpriteKit Accepted
Gustavo Crivelli GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit Accepted
Haotian Zheng GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, ModelIO, GameplayKit Accepted
Harshita Arora GitHub YouTube UIKit Submitted
Hengyu Liu UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Rejected
Hengyu Zhou YouTube ARKit, CoreGraphics, SceneKit, UIKit Submitted
Henry Gu GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, CoreML, AVFoundation Submitted
Hugo Lundin GitHub UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Igor Rinkovec GitHub YouTube SceneKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Accepted
Ilias Ennmouri GitHub GameplayKit, SpriteKit Submitted
Jack Bruienne GitHub Blog Core ML, ARKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Jack Elms GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics Accepted
Jacky Yu GitHub UIKit Rejected
Jacob Patel GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Jai Bhavnani GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, Core Animation, UIGestures, Dispatch, Core Graphics Submitted
James Dale GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, CoreML Accepted
Jari Koopman GitHub UIKit, GameplayKit Submitted
Jason Idris GitHub Giphy UIKit, SpriteKit, Core ML, Vision Submitted
Javier de Martín GitHub UIKit, SceneKit & ARKit Submitted
Jay Lees GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, ARKit Accepted
Joel Rorseth GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, Accepted
Jonathon Derr Youtube SpriteKit, Appkit Accepted
Jordan Osterberg GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, SceneKit, ARKit, PlaygroundBooks, Accessibility Accepted
Julian Schiavo GitHub YouTube AppKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Julio Brazil GitHub SpriteKit Rejected
Kamil Kosowski YouTube UIKit, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation Submitted
Klemens Strasser GitHub Accessibility, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Kuixi Song GitHub YouTube SceneKit, ARKit, AudioToolBox, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Kyle Spadaro GitHub AVFoundation, GameplayKit, SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Lalo Martnez GitHub YouTube AudioToolbox, AVFoundation, MIDI, SpriteKit Submitted
Lars Schwegmann GitHub SpriteKit, GampleyKit, AppKit, CoreGraphics Submitted
Leo Vallet GitHub YouTube ARKit, UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Leon Hahne GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Submitted
Leonel Lima GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Llogari Casas GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreML Submitted
Lukas A. Mueller GitHub YouTube Darwin, SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Maciej Gomółka GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, XCTest Submitted
Marko Crnković GitHub YouTube Accelerate, AVFoundation, SpriteKit Accepted
Marcel Hagmann YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, CAEmitterLayer, UIViewPropertyAnimator, CAKeyframeAnimation Accepted
Mars Geldard GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, PlaygroundBooks, AVFoundation Submitted
Matheus Rabelo GitHub SpriteKit Accepted
Mattia Fonisto GitHub YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit, CoreGraphics Accepted
Mauricio Lorenzetti GitHub CoreAnimation, UIKit Accepted
Mehul Mohan GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Mikey T. Krieger GitHub YouTube Playground Books, UIKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit Rejected
Ming Mai GitHub ARKit, CoreML, PlaugroundBooks, SceneKit, Vision Submitted
Mingyuan Hu YouTube CoreGraphics, UIKit Submitted
Mohamed Salah GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, SceneKit, CoreGraphics Submitted
Monika Zielonka YouTube UIKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics Submitted
Moritz Philip Recke GitHub GIF UIKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundSupport, PlaygroundBook, Accepted
Nathan Gitter GitHub SpriteKit Accepted
Nicholas Grana GitHub YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit Accepted
Niklas Buelow GitHub SpriteKit, SpriteKit-Spring Accepted
Nils Leif Fischer GitHub SceneKit, Metal, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Nirmit Patel UIKit, ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit Submitted
Oleg Dreyman GitHub UIKit, Core Animation Accepted
Omar Albeik GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreML, Keras Accepted
Osama Naeem GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreAnimation, CADisplayLink, UIBezierPath Accepted
Ozan Mirza GitHub UIKit Submitted
Paige Sun GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, Metal, PlaygroundBook + iOS framework + iOS app Submitted
Peter Simon GitHub UIKit, CoreImage Submitted
Qingyang Hu Github SceneKit, SpriteKit, ARKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Raffael Kaehn GitHub YouTube UIKit, SceneKit Submitted
Răzvan Geangu GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Renan Silveira GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Renata Faria GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, Accessibility, NotificationCenter, UIGestures Rejected
Ricardo Ferreira YouTube UIKit, ARKit, SpriteKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Ricardo V. Del Frari GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Rejected
Roland Horváth GitHub YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, UIKit, Speech Accepted
Ryan Klohr GameKit, AVFoundation, SpriteKit Rejected
Sam Eckert YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, UIKit (+Dynamics), AVKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Samay Shamdasani GitHub YouTube SceneKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, UIKit, AVFoundation, Vision Submitted
Sanjay Soni GameKit, GameplayKit, SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Sergen Gönenç GitHub UIKit, CoreGraphics Accepted
Shunzhe Ma UIKit, SceneKit, Core Animation Accepted
Sophia Kalanovska GitHub XCPlayground, UIKit, GameplayKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Soroush Shahi SpriteKit, GamePlayKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Sunghyun Cho Github UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Tassos Chouliaras Github UIKit, SpriteKit, Core Graphics Accepted
Thijs van der Heijden GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreML, Vision, AVFoundation Accepted
TJ Ledwith GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, Gesture Recognition Submitted
Valmir Massoni Jr. GitHub YouTube SceneKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Veit Progl GitHub UIKit, CoreML, SceneKit, ARKit Submitted
Victor Kreniski GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Vincenzo Aceto GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, Vision, CoreML Accepted
Walter Zhu UIKit, CoreGraphics, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Wei Dai GitHub UIKit Dynamics, GameplayKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Weiran Du GitHub Youtube UIKit, CoreGraphics Accepted
William Taylor YouTube SpriteKit, ARKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Yash Banka GitHub UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Yichen Cao GitHub UIKit, CoreML Accepted
Yogesh Kohli GitHub YouTube UIKit, Core Animation, AVFoundation Submitted
Yongkang Chen GitHub YouTube UIKit, QuartzCore, CoreGraphics, Dispatch, Foundation Submitted
Yuma Soerianto YouTube ARKit, UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Yuta Saito GitHub UIKit, Foundation Submitted
Zach Knox Github YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Zach Simone GitHub UIKit Accepted
Zhang Bozheng GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Zhixing Zhang GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, Carthage Rejected
Zhiyu Zhu GitHub AppKit, CoreGraphics, GameplayKit, SpriteKit Accepted