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Human Textile Reference

The Human Textile Reference is a set of short, easy to understand HTML pages you can include in any project that uses Textile.

Important: It’s not designed to be a complete reference. Just a quick guide for the layman.

It’s perfect for including as a pop-up help window next to your textarea.

How To Use

Copy the textile-reference/ directory to your project.

Add a help link to the reference:

HTML Snippet

You can format your text using 
<a href="textile-reference/index.html"
   onclick="window.open(this.href,'textile_reference','height=400,width=600,scrollbars=1'); return false;">Textile</a>.

Rails Snippet

  You can format your text using
  <%= link_to 'Textile', 'textile-reference/index.html', :popup => ['textile_reference', 'height=400,width=600,scrollbars=1'] %>