Simple plugin to limit how many of a type of block a player can place
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Simple plugin to limit how many of a type of block a player can place


You can download all builds from either:

Issue Reporting

If you found a bug or even are experiencing a crash please report it so we can fix it. Please check at first if a bug report for the issue already exits. If not just create a new issue and fill out the form.

Please include the following:

  • Minecraft version
  • AuraBlockLimit version
  • Sponge version/build
  • Versions of any mods/plugins potentially related to the issue
  • Any relevant screenshots are greatly appreciated.
  • For crashes:
    • Steps to reproduce
    • latest.log (the FML log) from the log folder of the server

(When creating a new issue please follow the template)

Feature Requests

If you want a new feature added, go ahead an open a new issue, remove the existing form and describe your feature the best you can. The more details you provide the easier it will be implementing it.
You can also talk to us on Discord.

Developing with our Plugin

So you want to add support or even develop an addon for our plugin then you can easily add it to your development environment! All releases get uploaded to my maven repository. (Replace {version} with the appropriate version!)





repositories {
    maven {
        name "AuraDevelopmentTeam"
        url ""
        // url ""

dependencies {
    provided "dev.aura.blocklimit:AuraBlockLimit:{version}"

Setting up a Workspace/Compiling from Source

  • Clone: Clone the repository like this: git clone --recursive
  • IDE-Setup: Run [gradle] in the repository root: ./gradlew installLombok <eclipse|idea>
  • Build: Run [gradle] in the repository root: ./gradlew build. The build will be in build/libs
  • If obscure Gradle issues are found try running ./gradlew cleanCache clean

Development builds

Between each offical release there are several bleeding edge development builds, which you can also use. But be aware that they might contain unfinished features and therefore won't work properly.

You can find the builds here:

On the right is a download symbol, click that a dropdown will open. Select "build". Then you'll download a zip file containing all atrifacts including the plugin jar.


PGP Signing

All files will be signed with PGP.
The public key to verify it can be found in keys/publicKey.asc. The signatures of the files will also be found in the maven.

Jar Signing

All jars from all official download sources will be signed. The signature will always have a SHA-1 hash of 2238d4a92d81ab407741a2fdb741cebddfeacba6 and you are free to verify it.


AuraBlockLimit is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

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-- Oktal