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Ludum Dare 41

Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Name: Advance Cookware (?)

Genres: Cooking game / TBS combat


Explore the open-world desert in your cooking bus. Find ingredients, combine them to create recipes with specific characteristics. The resultant dishes can be used as support for your exploration, as stat boosts, or in combat as your units.

Combat is a turn-based (soft time limit) strategy on an isometric grid against enemies of the desert (animals, aliens). To produce your units, you need to cook them during the combat, requiring some time management and multitasking.

Baseline game scores

(for B rank)

  • carrot: 140
  • cucumber: 240
  • tomato: 80
  • tenderise: 50

Current focus

  • interesting combat scenarios



Music list

  • roaming / driving - chill, peaceful, ambient
  • encounter
    • start tune?
    • win tune?
    • loss tune?
    • combat / cooking music

Sound list

  • on cutting board
    • knife taken out of holder (metallic swoosh)
    • cut carrot
    • cut tomato / cucumber (squishy)
    • cut burger bun / bread
    • meat tenderising (tenderiser hitting patty)
  • on grill
    • patty grilling start
    • patty grilling loop
    • patty burning
    • patty flip
  • placement (ingredient placed on something else)
    • burger bun
    • tomato slices / cucumber slices
    • patty
    • lettuce
    • cheese slice
  • condiments
    • mustard / ketchup / mayo / tobasco squeezed onto something
    • salt / pepper shake
  • engine noises
  • paper (taking a single page into hand)
  • combat sounds
    • generic attack
    • generic hit
  • gui sounds (maybe these should be synthesised with e.g. bfxr ?)
    • select unit
    • deselect unit
    • switch screens / swoosh (combat screen slide transitioned into cookery screen)
    • item being dropped in a trash can


My entry for Ludum Dare 41.






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