My entry for LD 42 (Theme: Running out of Space)
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Ludum Dare 42

Theme: Running out of Space

Name: Runnink ouf of Space

Genre: Adventure / puzzle


Space (the black stuff in the sky) is limited, we need to get more ink to make more Space. Unfortunately, the only way to gather enough ink is to milk a Giant Deep-Space Cuttlefiship. GDSC's envelop themselves in a protective puzzling labyrinth - a human would go mad in such a labyrinth. Instead, we are sending you, a PLYR robot with a unique ability – to forget very easily. Your memory is very limited. Not because we built you cheaply or anything.

Core mechanics

  • Metroidvania exploration, basic platformer movement.
    • (This did not happen in the end, just point 'n click.)
  • Limited memory / inventory. Slots represent the known map, as well as known topics, known abilities.
  • Word puzzles. Characters / places where the player can modify words or demand words to open a gate. (System's Twilight swamps)