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LibGDX Project Setup (gdx-setup-ui)

Gdx-setup-ui is a desktop application made to ease the process of creating a new project with the (awesome) game library LibGDX.

LibGDX lets you deploy your game for various backends, such as Android, Windows, Linux, OS-X, web browsers (with WebGL) and maybe soon even iOS! All of this comes at the price that a complex eclipse environment has to be set up, with many different projects.

Now, thanks to this tool, choose a title for your game, a package name and a directory, and you'll be set up in no time! No more headache configuring eveything by hand.

The application also lets you choose between additionnal third-party libraries. These libraries can be downloaded from the application, and their configuration in your projects are managed automatically (file decompression and classpath registration).

Since version 3, you can also very easily update an existing project with the latest version of LibGDX and the third-party libraries. You can even add a new library to your project at any moment, or delete an existing one!

Animated demonstration of the workflow



Intuitive tool to help the creation and modification of a libgdx-powered project


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