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This fixes errors in the german translation of Tides of Numenera
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Verbesserung der deutschen Übersetzung von Tides of Numenera.

Details for the Patch:

Installation: Aktuell wird noch viel an den Texten überarbeitet, daher haben wir noch keine "Releases". Ladet euch bitte den neusten Stand unserer Übersetzung über den Button "Clone or Download" rechts oben herunter. Wählt dort "Download ZIP". Bitte entpackt dieses Archiv im folgenden Verzeichnis:

(...)\Torment Tides of Numenera\WIN\TidesOfNumenera_Data\StreamingAssets\data\localized\

Important: If you want to fork this project and make pull requests, use at least a proper git-client. The webinterface has this behaviour that it adds an empty newline at the end of each file and normally this is a very good feature but inXile Entertainment decided to just ignore the xml/file standards and have no empty lastline and therefor we want to be as near on the original files as possible and the newly added lastline by the webinterface isn't what we want. So please use a proper git-client.

Here are a few easy to use clients:


  • Aurelio
  • Kulin
  • MarcelSladek
  • vio7
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