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A simple and easy to use reCAPTCHA (v3 only) library for Vue.
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Vue reCAPTCHA-v3

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A simple and easy to use reCAPTCHA (v3 only) library for Vue based on reCAPTCHA-v3.


With NPM:

$ npm install vue-recaptcha-v3

With Yarn:

$ yarn add vue-recaptcha-v3


To use this package you only need a valid site key for your domain, which you can easily get here.


import Vue from 'vue'
import { VueReCaptcha } from 'vue-recaptcha-v3'

// For more options see below
Vue.use(VueReCaptcha, { siteKey: '<site key>' })

new Vue({
  methods: {
    recaptcha() {
      this.$recaptcha('login').then((token) => {
        console.log(token) // Will print the token
  template: '<button @click="recaptcha">Execute recaptcha</button>'


This plugin offers optional options to configure the behavior of some parts.

Available options:

Name Description Type Default value
siteKey The site key for your domain from Google. string none
loaderOptions Optional options for the recaptcha-v3 loader. The available options are described here. object null


To use the options just pass an object to the Vue.use(...) method. For example:

import Vue from 'vue'
import { VueReCaptcha } from 'vue-recaptcha-v3'

Vue.use(VueReCaptcha, {
  siteKey: '<site key>',
  loaderOptions: {
    useRecaptchaNet: true
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