@AuroraWright AuroraWright released this Nov 12, 2016 · 503 commits to master since this release

  • Made it possible to use arm9loaderhax.bin from CTRNAND with the SD inserted (DS/DSi/GBA/extended memory games will now work).
  • Fixed the New 3DS CPU patch affecting titles which already make use of the higher CPU clock and L2 cache (New 3DS exclusive titles and others like Smash Bros and Pokemon S/M). If "Clock" or "L2" are selected, these titles will now retain their normal (Clock + L2) setting.
  • Increased the compatibility of region/language emulation, some rare titles are now working.
  • Added support for zerokey-encrypted NCCHs to NAND and SD card. This makes it possible to use some old, Gateway-era CIAs.
  • If the UNITINFO developer option is checked, you will be able to install CIAs encrypted with the developer 0x3D normalkey (such as the SDK ones). This will also make retail-encrypted CIAs fail to install (all already installed titles will keep working in both cases).
  • Improved support for development units (thanks to @SciresM), 9.5+ FIRMs can now be regularly booted, 7.x+ ones can be booted from 4.x, and the system updaters won't overwrite A9LH.
  • Fixed support for system versions 7.x and lower.
  • Fixed bugs in the exception handlers.