@AuroraWright AuroraWright released this Dec 20, 2017 · 63 commits to master since this release

Here's our holiday gift to you :)

  • Use open source reimplementations of the SM and PXI FIRM modules
  • Fixed breakpoints in the Rosalina debugger (thanks @Nanquitas)
  • Added RAM viewer/editor/dumper feature to Rosalina (thanks @LiquidFenrir)
  • Rosalina now cleanly reboots the console when the option is selected
  • Fixed Rosalina screenshots for RGB5_A1/RGBA4 framebuffer formats (used for example in Virtual Console titles)
  • Stubbed isTitleAllowed to allow Nintendo-blocked titles to launch (outdated Ironfall/Flipnote Studio 3D/etc)
  • ARM9 exheader and FS patches are now always applied as they cause no drawbacks
  • Throw an error if file writes or emuNAND boot are attempted while the SD card is write-locked
  • Display boot source on the bottom screen in the config menu
  • The console will now shutdown when the shell is closed in the Luma menus, unless the user booted via ntrboot
  • Numerous Exception Handler fixes
  • FatFS updated to v0.13
  • Check if NWM is running before allowing WiFi toggling in Rosalina
  • Screenshots are now sorted by date/time using osGetTime, removing the counting delay if the user has a lot of screenshots, thanks to @Hayleia!

Note: BootNTR is broken in this version, unless you use the latest commit, not release from this repo: https://github.com/Nanquitas/BootNTR

Edit (20/12/17 18:28 EST): BootNTR Selector v2.10 has been released with support for Luma v9.0, you can now use the latest release instead of needing to manually compile the latest commit!

Notes on the changes made to Rosalina's debugger:

  • The physical memory access "bit31" mapping (0--0x30000000 => 0x80000000--0xB0000000) as well as privileged (kernel) mappings confuse debugger clients like IDA's which interpret the value of the registers. Access to those mappings can be toggled using "monitor toggleextmemaccess" instead (issue reported by @Nanquitas).
  • Additionally, support for the buggy IDA 6.8 gdb client was removed. Please use IDA 7.0 or higher.

P.S: IDA 7.0 added client support for no-ack mode (Debugging options > Set specific options), which should be enabled to make debugging twice as smooth. "Use stepping support" should be unchecked.