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Welcome to the Luma3DS wiki! Luma3DS is a custom firmware (CFW) for the 3DS. This wiki attempts to document and explain the various features implemented within it. Available pages are:

  • Installation and upgrade: How to install and/or upgrade Luma3DS.
  • Standard features: Documentation of basic, default features in Luma3DS that are either always enabled or are toggled on by default. This includes things like signature check patches, region-free patches, exception/crash handlers, Rosalina, etc.
  • Optional features: Documentation of optional features in Luma3DS that the are not on by default since they are not useful until their specific functionality is desired. This includes features such as LayeredFS and code binary patching, locale emulation, etc.
  • Rosalina: Documentation on our custom sysmodule with many functions and features, known as Rosalina.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting: A list of questions that are often asked by users that may not be adequately explained by the feature documentation/how-to's above.
  • Credits: A credits page thanking numerous users who have contributed to the project over the years. Think we missed you? Let us know!

If you're having trouble understanding anything on this wiki or need help using a feature, try asking for help in the Nintendo Homebrew Discord. See an error, inaccuracy, or etc. issue on the wiki? Let us know so we can fix it! Your help in identifying problems is much appreciated.