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Luma3DS is being developed by @AuroraWright and @TuxSH.
We would like to thank, in no particular order:

  • @Reisyukaku who wrote ReiNand, on which this was originally based on.
  • @TiniVi who suggested how to find a way to detect an A9LH environment, and figured out screen deinit.
  • @delebile who provided the FIRM writes blocking patch and the new reboot patch (which was then also heavily revised/cleaned up by @mid-kid of CakesFW), and provided the LayeredFS implementation (which was improved by @svanheulen).
  • @dark-samus, @b1l1s, @Normmatt, @delebile and other contributors who figured out screen init.
  • @mid-kid of CakesFW who wrote the string/character printing code.
  • @Steveice10 and others who found the AGB and TWL FIRM patches.
  • @yifanlu who wrote the 3ds_injector loader replacement, which is bundled in the CFW and allows for ARM11 userland patching.
  • Gelex from #cakey who helped debugging a very nasty bug in the early stages of 5.0 development.
  • @Steveice10 who provided the UNITINFO patch.
  • @habbbe who gave the idea for the new payload naming.
  • @reworks who implemented the original PIN code.
  • @subv who provided the modules patch and the SVC access patch.
  • @DarkMatterCore who provided the original code for supporting non-Gateway multiple EmuNANDs.
  • @SciresM who provided the 1.x and 2.x NATIVE_FIRM signature patch and dumped the dev unit secret sector keys.
  • @adibsurani who provided the region free Download Play patch.
  • squee666/izy who made the new icon for the project.
  • Everyone who supports the project and helps fixing bugs!
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