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AuroraWright committed Mar 19, 2016
1 parent 769a9af commit e97cf14ee6f5ffafbb06ed300faf6debd92e61c7
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
[submodule "CakeBrah"]
path = CakeBrah
url =
[submodule "CakeHax"]
path = CakeHax
url =
@@ -631,8 +631,8 @@ to attach them to the start of each source file to most effectively
state the exclusion of warranty; and each file should have at least
the "copyright" line and a pointer to where the full notice is found.

{one line to give the program's name and a brief idea of what it does.}
Copyright (C) {year} {name of author}
<one line to give the program's name and a brief idea of what it does.>
Copyright (C) <year> <name of author>

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
@@ -652,7 +652,7 @@ Also add information on how to contact you by electronic and paper mail.
If the program does terminal interaction, make it output a short
notice like this when it starts in an interactive mode:

{project} Copyright (C) {year} {fullname}
<program> Copyright (C) <year> <name of author>
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `show w'.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; type `show c' for details.
@@ -0,0 +1,86 @@
rwildcard = $(foreach d, $(wildcard $1*), $(filter $(subst *, %, $2), $d) $(call rwildcard, $d/, $2))

CC := arm-none-eabi-gcc
AS := arm-none-eabi-as
LD := arm-none-eabi-ld
OC := arm-none-eabi-objcopy
OPENSSL := openssl

PYTHON3 := python
PYTHON_VER_MAJOR := $(word 2, $(subst ., , $(shell python --version 2>&1)))
ifneq ($(PYTHON_VER_MAJOR), 3)
PYTHON3 := py -3

name := SafeA9LHInstaller

dir_source := source
dir_build := build
dir_mset := CakeHax
dir_out := out
dir_ninjhax := CakeBrah

ASFLAGS := -mlittle-endian -mcpu=arm946e-s -march=armv5te
CFLAGS := -Wall -Wextra -MMD -MP -marm $(ASFLAGS) -fno-builtin -fshort-wchar -std=c11 -Wno-main -O2 -ffast-math
FLAGS := name=$(name).dat dir_out=$(abspath $(dir_out)) ICON=$(abspath icon.png) APP_DESCRIPTION="Noob-proof ARM9LoaderHax installer/updater." APP_AUTHOR="Aurora Wright" --no-print-directory

objects= $(patsubst $(dir_source)/%.s, $(dir_build)/%.o, \
$(patsubst $(dir_source)/%.c, $(dir_build)/%.o, \
$(call rwildcard, $(dir_source), *.s *.c)))

.PHONY: all
all: launcher a9lh ninjhax

.PHONY: launcher
launcher: $(dir_out)/$(name).dat

.PHONY: a9lh
a9lh: $(dir_out)/arm9loaderhax.bin

.PHONY: ninjhax
ninjhax: $(dir_out)/3ds/$(name)

.PHONY: clean
@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS) -C $(dir_mset) clean
@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS) -C $(dir_ninjhax) clean
@rm -rf $(dir_out) $(dir_build)

$(dir_out)/$(name).dat: $(dir_build)/main.bin
@mkdir -p $(dir_out)
@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS) -C $(dir_mset) launcher
dd if=$(dir_build)/main.bin of=$@ bs=512 seek=144

$(dir_out)/arm9loaderhax.bin: $(dir_build)/main.bin
@cp -av $(dir_build)/main.bin $@

@mkdir -p $(dir_out)/3ds/$(name)
@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS) -C $(dir_ninjhax)
@mv $(dir_out)/$(name).3dsx $@
@mv $(dir_out)/$(name).smdh $@

$(dir_build)/main.bin: $(dir_build)/main.elf
$(OC) -S -O binary $< $@

$(dir_build)/main.elf: $(objects)
# FatFs requires libgcc for __aeabi_uidiv
$(CC) -nostartfiles $(LDFLAGS) -T linker.ld $(OUTPUT_OPTION) $^

$(dir_build)/%.o: $(dir_source)/%.c
@mkdir -p "$(@D)"

$(dir_build)/%.o: $(dir_source)/%.s
@mkdir -p "$(@D)"

$(dir_build)/fatfs/%.o: $(dir_source)/fatfs/%.c
@mkdir -p "$(@D)"
$(COMPILE.c) -mthumb -mthumb-interwork -Wno-unused-function $(OUTPUT_OPTION) $<

$(dir_build)/fatfs/%.o: $(dir_source)/fatfs/%.s
@mkdir -p "$(@D)"
$(COMPILE.s) -mthumb -mthumb-interwork $(OUTPUT_OPTION) $<
include $(call rwildcard, $(dir_build), *.d)
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
# AuReiNand
*A modification of the ReiNand custom firmware*


You'll need armips added to your Path. [HERE]( is a pre-compiled version.

Lastly, just run Make and everything should work!

Copy everything in 'out' folder to SD root and run!

**Usage / Features:**

See and

The FIRMs you need are here:


Rei as this is 99% his code (this is no more than a mod)

Everyone he credited on his GitHub :P
BIN +3.79 KB icon.png
Binary file not shown.
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
. = 0x23F00000;
.text.start : { *(.text.start) }
.text : { *(.text) }
.data : { *(.data) }
.bss : { *(.bss COMMON) }
.rodata : { *(.rodata) }
. = ALIGN(4);

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