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BitSV: Bitcoin SV made easy.

Forked from Ofek's awesome Bit library:


Latest Release - 0.9.0 (2019-08-11)

  • Bitcoin Cash addressees are no longer supported.
  • Added bchsvexplorer for redundancy on mainnet.
  • PrivateKey.get_transaction() now returns a Transaction object with TxInput and TxOutput objects

within it. - Metadata is represented in as a list of pushdata fields.

  • Also big changes in 0.8.0 so please take note.
  • "cashaddress" is a great tool for address conversions if ever needed. https://github


Default Fee = 1 sat/byte:

  • The capacity of the Bitcoin SV network is such that 1 sat/byte virtually guarantees that your transaction will be included in the next block. This is therefore the default. However, it is trivial to specify a higher transaction fee by including this as an additional parameter to any of the transaction related functions.

Planned improvements

  • Improved coverage of testing modules (currently at 84%).
  • Support for use of a local bitcoin full node instead of a Web-API. (paves the way for a RegTest environment for a rapid development cycle)
  • Work on the bsvbip32 library for hierarchical deterministic keys: Plan for each node to access bitsv functionality so that building apps can be a breeze! (competing implementations welcome. That's partly why modularity is a good idea!)
  • Add Whatsonchain API for added redundancy across main / test and stn networks.
  • Minor updates to documentation for 0.9.0 release are still needed re: PrivateKey.get_transaction()


BitSV is so easy to use:

  1. Simple payment:
>>> import bitsv
>>> my_key = bitsv.Key('YourPrivateKeyGoesHere')  # Defaults to "main" network
>>> my_key.get_balance()
10000000  # satoshis
>>> # Can include a long list of tuples as outputs
>>> outputs = [
>>>     # Donate to AustEcon! (Currency conversion via api)
>>>     ('1PdvVPTzXmo4cSs68HctLUxAdW917UZtC8', 0.10, 'usd'),  # $USD 0.10 as bsv
>>>     ('1PdvVPTzXmo4cSs68HctLUxAdW917UZtC8', 0.0001, 'bsv')
>>> ]
>>> my_key.send(outputs)

Here's the transaction

  1. OP_RETURN - 100kb size limit now supported:
>>> import bitsv
>>> my_key = bitsv.Key('YourPrivateKeyGoesHere')
>>> list_of_pushdata = ([bytes.fromhex('6d01'),  # encode hex to bytes
                         'New_Name'.encode('utf-8')])  # encode string to utf-8 encoded bytes
>>> my_key.send_op_return(list_of_pushdata)  # default fee = 1 sat/byte

This sets name (linked to this bitcoin address) to "New_Name" (as per


  • Python's fastest available implementation (100x faster than closest library)
  • 100kb OP_RETURN transactions made very simple
  • Fully supports 21 different currencies via exchange rate API
  • First class support for storing data in the blockchain
  • Compressed public keys by default
  • Multiple representations of private keys; WIF, PEM, DER, etc.
  • Standard P2PKH transactions


BitSV is distributed on PyPI as a universal wheel and is available on Linux/macOS and Windows and supports Python 3.5+ and PyPy3.5-v5.7.1+. pip >= 8.1.2 is required.

$ pip install bitsv  # pip3 if pip is Python 2 on your system.


Docs are hosted by Github Pages and are automatically built and published by Travis after every successful commit to BitSV's master branch.



  • If you have found this library useful, please consider donating. It really helps.
  • HandCash: $AustEcon
  • 1PdvVPTzXmo4cSs68HctLUxAdW917UZtC8
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