Applescript service for Finder that toggles whether hidden files are visible.
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Toggle Hidden File Visibility serivce for Mac OS X

==== About ====

An Applescript-based Mac OS X service that toggles Finder's ability to display hidden files.

Created by Austen Conrad 

Feel free to use and modify to your heart's content. Albeit no warranty is provided.

=== Install ===

Install as a Mac OS X service by moving the Toggle Hidden File Visibility.workflow folder to:
[your home directory]/Library/Services/Toggle Hidden File Visibility.workflow

NOTE: Remember a .workflow file looks like a folder on github, but Mac OS X treats it as a bundled file.

==== Usage ====

When in a Finder window, go to the top menu and select:

	Finder => Services => Toggle Hidden File Visibility

NOTE: If you're in a 'Open file' dialog you will need to use the following keyboard shortcut instead (it's built into OS X):
	Command + Shift + .