Clean example of using websocket-rack with Sinatra
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Clean example of using websocket-rack with Sinatra. The websocket endpoint is mounted via a route (see This allows for the web socket app and sinatra app to run on the same port. The example includes detection for for the websocket link going down with automatic reconnection. To see it in action stop/start thin and see what the client does in the browser. I also made a quick screencast:

Depends on:

ruby, rack, thin, sinatra, websocket-rack, haml

To run the example (NOTE: must be in production mode):

git clone
cd sinatra-websocket-rack-example
thin start -e production

(NOTE: If you are not running it on localhost or change the port number or mount point in then make certain to change the settings at the top of the 'public/scripts/websockets/index.js' file to match.)

To run the example as a daemon:

thin start -C config/thin.yml

Issue a daemon restart to see the client detect the socket going down and automatically reconnecting.

thin restart -C config/thin.yml

To stop:

thin stop -C config/thin.yml