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Enchantments Control is utility designed for editing enchantment properties. It gives you almost complete control over any vanilla or modded enchantment, but it wont let you change its behavior. Configuration available via chat commands and manual settings file editing (json file).

Supported MC versions: 1.12.2

This is for both server and client


  • Disabling Enchantments

Make enchantment unobtainable in survival mode.

  • Renaiming

Set custom name, it can be easily localized for any language without editing .lang files.

  • Rarity Management

Change chances to obtain enchantment at enchantment table.

  • Levels Management

Manage enchantment levels. You able to increase or decrease level amount. New levels will be fully supported (available in creative tab, can be aquired at enchanted table, stacked at anvil, properties will be scaled).

  • Custom Enchantability Evaluations (Experience Cost Calculation)

Setup custom expressions for enchantability range calculation for every enchantment level. This property defines levels range to get some enchantment. Expressions parsing provided with EvalEx library.

  • Type Management

Different enchantments can be applied to specific item groups (tools, armor, etc.) and you free to change it.

  • Applicable Equipment Slots Management

Some effects will affect player only if enchanted item equipped at specific slot and you able to change applicable slots.

  • Incompatible Enchantments Management

Overwrite or expand enchantment incompatibility settings.

  • Compatible Items Management

Overwrite or add items blacklists or whitelists. Blacklisted items can't be enchanted and only whitelisted items can be enchanted.

  • Treasure Property

Set any enchantment as treasure enchantment, or disable this property for such enchantments. You also can disable doubled price for treasure enchantments at villager merchants.

  • Curse Property

Set any enchantment as curse.

  • Applicability for Books Management

Ability to enable or disable enchantments applicability to books.

  • Descriptions for Enchantments

Ability to setup description for any enchantment. It will be shown in enchanted books tooltips and enchanted items tooltips.

This settings are individually for each enchantment and managed via json config, it will be created in mod configuration folder after first game start.

Enchantment Control guaranteed to support any enchantment (vanilla or modded) customized behavior only for any vanilla mechanics (creative tabs, enchantment table, anvil, villager merchants, dungeon loot generators and etc.). If some mod provides custom mechanics over the enchantments it can ignore new logic (it is absolutely safe), so let me know and i will add support for it.


Mod Configuration

User Guide

Technical Information

This mod based on coremod and will apply bytecode transformations (using ASM lib) to some vanilla classes. It will not cause any damage to worlds and world data or change behavior not provided by mod features.

All available settings based on enchantment properties and provided by custom enchantment wrapper and will not cause any performance problems.

Mod also supports configuration and settings loading from mod jar file. Look for instructions at mod configuration page.

Data Sync

In case usage at server and clients you must provide all edited(actual) configuration files to clients.

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