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Simply Finance App [Powered by Yahoo! Finance]

Description & Purpose

App deployed on Heroku.

This is a small, simple finance web-app based on a Rack foundation and built in Sinatra. It's scrappy and essentially makes it easier to check the top stocks that are important to a user's portfolio. Grounded in Yahoo-finance GEM's and the Yahoo API, this app calls for recent stock metrics. Simple, easy, intuitive and super useful to monitor multiple stocks and their metrics in real-time.

This app is a great mechanism for understanding the Yahoo Finance API call system. I rely on GEMs created by others to make the process simpler, but they can be easily modified in order to understand how the API gets called.


This app is not for commercial deployment, but can be used for personal use.

To get started, just clone and modify. No merge or pull requests are accepted, as this is for personal use only and is monitored under an MIT license.

Questions or Comments?

Contact me.