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⬛ Python Individual Conditional Expectation Plot Toolbox


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⬛ PyCEbox

Python Individual Conditional Expectation Plot Toolbox

Individual conditional expectation plot

A Python implementation of individual conditional expecation plots inspired by R's ICEbox. Individual conditional expectation plots were introduced in Peeking Inside the Black Box: Visualizing Statistical Learning with Plots of Individual Conditional Expectation (arXiv:1309.6392).


pycebox is available on PyPI and can be installed with pip install pycebox.

The tutorial recreates the first example in the above paper using pycebox.


For easy development and prototyping using IPython notebooks, a Docker environment is included. To run an IPython notebook with access to your development version of pycebox, run PORT=8889 sh ./ A Jupyter notebook server with access to your development version of pycebox should be available at http://localhost:8889/tree.

To run the pycebox's tests in your development container

  1. Access a bash shell on the container with docker exec -it pycebox bash.
  2. Change to the pycebox directory with cd ../pycebox
  3. Run the tests with pytest test/


For details of pycebox's API, consult the documentation.


This library is distributed under the MIT License.