My personal blog, generated using Hakyll
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These are the files necessary to produce my personal blog using Hakyll, a static site generator written in Haskell.

I recommend building this project inside a Docker container using the following commands.

stack docker pull
stack build

Be prepared for it the dependencies to take a while to build the first time. To rebuild the site, use

stack exec blog rebuild

which will place its results in the _site folder. To run a local server to preview the site and automatically rebuild it when any of the source files change, use

stack exec blog watch -- --host ""

After executing this command, there will be a preview webserver running at localhost:8000.

The source files for the site are located in site-src. The executable will look in the posts/ folder for posts. Each post should be named YYYY-MM-DD-short-title-for-url.mkd. Consult the Hakyll tutorials for more informations on how to format posts to contain the correct metadata.

This code is distributed under the MIT License.