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To install, do pip install giphy-ipython-magic. The only dependencies are IPython and requests.

The magic can be loaded in two ways:

  1. Execute %load_ext giphy_magic. This must be run in every notebook where you want to use %giphy.
  2. Add 'giphy_magic' to c.IPKernelApp.extensions in your profile's file. This will cause the magic to be loaded into every notebook by default.


  • The script attempts to read $GIPHY_API_KEY from the environment and defaults to the public beta key if that variable is not found.
  • The constant RANDOM_ON_NO_MATCH controls what happens when Giphy cannot match the given tag. If it is False, then a message is displayed. If it is True, a random GIF is shown instead.
  • The constant MAX_RATING controls the rating of the GIF returned by Giphy.


Developers can test their changes to giphy-ipython-magic in many ways, but it may be easiest to use the accompanying Vagrantfile. vagrant up will initialize a virtual machine with all of the necessary dependencies. After it completes, connect to the VM with vagrant ssh and run PYTHONPATH=/vagrant ipython notebook --ip= --no-browser. You can then access the IPython notebook server at localhost:8888. Running %load_ext giphy_magic will load the extension. Note that it is necessary to restart the IPython notebook server to test changes to the giphy_magic module.

License and attribution

This software is distributed under the MIT License. If you can make money off of it, good for you!

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