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The solution file csharp/CSC431.sln can be compiled either using Visual Studio
2010 on a lab computer or using the xbuild command from Mono
(  You will need Mono 2.8 or higher.

The compiler exe should be placed at csharp/CSC431/bin/Debug/CSC431.exe.  It can
be run with this command:
  mono --runtime=v4.0.30319 CSC431.exe
The lower caseness of the v is important. 

By default it will read a program from standard in.  You can also provide a file
name as an argument.  Add --help  to see a list of command line arguments.

To quickly compile all the benchmarks, run the CompileAllBenchmarks program.
The working directory has to be the Debug folder in which the program is placed,
as it looks for the benchmark directory reltive to the currect directory.

  cd csharp/CompileAllBenchmarks/bin/Debug
  mono --runtime=v4.0.30319 CompileAllBenchmarks.exe

A compiled version of each benchmark is already included both with and without
optimizations as code.s and noopt.s in each benchmark folder, respectivly.

Compiling with LLVM will only work on Windows and the generated LLVM bitcode
only translates correctly on x86 or x64.

Third Party Code

We use the NDesk.Options library, in NDesk.Options.cs, to parse command line