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Smallest Dotnet Hello Worlds

This repo contains several implementations of "Hello World" for different .NET platforms. The purpose this exercise is to see how th binary size differs. I wrote up my findings about.NET 6 in a blog post.

All experiments are done on Windows x64. For .NET 6, the relative sizes are in about the same ballpark for Linux and macOS.

For the non .NET Framework versions, the output is generated by running dotnet publish -c release.


Folder Target Framework Size (KB)
1. Visual Studio File -> New Project .NET Framework 4.7.2 4.5
2. Visual Studio Trimmed (fewer attributes) .NET Framework 4.7.2 2.5
3. IlAsm .NET Framework 4.7.2 1.0
4. dotnet new console (framework dependent) .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 158
4.1. dotnet new console with no app host (framework dependent) .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 5.2
5. dotnet new console publish self contained .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 69,468
6. dotnet new console publish single file .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 63,749
7. dotnet new console publish single file trimmed .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 11,424
7.1. dotnet new console publish single file trimmed and compressed .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 10,063
8. dotnet new console publish single file trimmed AOT compiled (Ready to Run) .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 14,637
9. Native AOT .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 NativeAOT 1,815
10. Native AOT no reflection or internationalization .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 NativeAOT 1,147

If you want a Native AOT Hello World smaller still, see bflat by Michal Strehovský.

Windows Forms Sizes

While not strictly Hello World, here are the sizes of some GUI programs that display a single empty form.

As of .NET 7, trimming a Windows Forms project is not officially supported. Andrii Kurdiumov has contributed fixes to make to more features of Windows Forms compatable with NativeAOT ( example ) and has a nuget package that fixes more issues. Work is ongoing to add make WinForms fully compatible with NativeAOT.

Folder Target Framework Size (KB)
11. Windows Forms .NET Framework 4.7.2 6.5
12. dotnet new winforms Self Contained .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 160,296
14. dotnet new winforms AOT .NET SDK 8.0.100-preview.1.23115.2 NativeAOT 28,007

Note that all these dotnet new winforms examples include some files related to WPF as well. If your interested in how you can exclude extra files during publishing, see my IlLinkerExample repo.

Comparison to other languages and frameworks

System Version Size (KB)
Go, following getting started instructions 1.20.0 1,885
Rust, doing cargo init && cargo build --release 1.67.1 156
Electron 13.1.1 186,857
Java .JAR file 0.75
Graal Native Image 21.1.0 8978



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