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m2net, a .NET library to develop Mongrel2 handlers

m2net helps you develop Mongrel2 handlers. It also comes with a rough port of the Cassini ASP.NET web server to use m2net instead of sockets.


The libary is available on Nuget.



m2net is licensed under the 3-clause BSD License. m2net.asp is licensed under the Microsoft Public License, since it is derived from Cassini.

Currently limitations

  • Only works with x64 .NET apps on Windows. This should be improved in the next release.

Areas for improvement

  • Inject m2net.Asp.dll into ASP.NET on Mono so that it does not have to be in the GAC.
  • A better Linux build experiance, perhaps such that the Linux build can be based on the VS solution and project files.
  • Document how to use m2net and the ASP.NET handler.
  • See if the recieve socket also does not like multiple threads using it and added a recieve queue if needed.
  • Complile a 64-bit version of the ZMQ native library and use it with clrzmq to allow for 64-bit handlers on Windows.
  • Make the Cassini port more correctly implement the overrides of SimpleWorkerRequest.