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A new Aragon home page for DAOs
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Aragon Home App 🦅🏠

A new home page for Aragon DAOs


Launch the custom client with home support

  1. Clone Aragon home, run a devchain and publish aragon-home to this devchain

    git clone -b dev
    cd aragon-home
    npm i # install dependencies
    npx aragon ipfs # run ipfs local node
    npx aragon devchain # run local ganache-cli devchain
                            # add "--reset" to delete previous chain data
  2. Open another terminal an go again into the folder cd aragon-home

    npm run publish:major -- --environment default
    cd ..
  3. Publish storage app and run the demo template

    git clone -b demo-template
    cd aragon-storage
    npm i # install dependencies
    npm run start:ipfs:template -- --client false
  4. Start yet another terminal to run the customized client supporting Home setting

    git clone -b dev
    cd aragon
    npm i && npm run start:local # download deps and start the client
  5. Open the browser at the newly created DAO page


    It should have Home and Storage along with Voting and Token apps installed by default


To start development environment:

  1. Install dependencies

    npm i
  2. Run parcel server for frontend development (it also builds the frontend)

    npm run dev
  3. On a second terminal launch script watcher for background worker development

    npm run watch:script
  4. Yet on another terminal launch the aragon client with the app running and hot reload

    npm run start:http:template


You can publish your app on aragonPM. See how in our publish guide.

The Template will not be published.

Example publishing command for Autark deployments:

npm run publish:patch -- --environment staging --apm.ipfs.rpc --ipfs-check false

Using a different Ethereum account

You can use a different account to interact with you app. Check the documentation.

Propagate content

You can propagate the content of your app on IPFS. Learn more in our troubleshooting guide or use the aragon ipfs propagate command:

npx aragon ipfs propagate <cid>

Where cid is your content id hash (this will be displayed after publishing).

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