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DP-CORE: A Design Pattern Detection Tool for Code Reuse

DP-CORE is a Design Pattern Detection tool designed for code reuse. It allows execution in two modes, GUI mode, and batch (command line) mode.

You can cite DP-CORE by citing the following publication:

Themistoklis Diamantopoulos, Antonis Noutsos, and Andreas Symeonidis. "DP-CORE: A Design Pattern
Detection Tool for Code Reuse." In Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Business
Modeling and Software Design (BMSD), pp. 160-169, 2016.

Executing in GUI mode

Double click on the jar file.

Executing in batch mode

Execute as java -jar DP-CORE.jar -project="path/to/project" -pattern="path/to/pattern" -group=true|false where the last argument allows grouping in hypercandidates (default is true)