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Eslint configuration with the most popular configurations found in the npm registry.


npm install eslint-config-pop


  1. Procedure
  2. Results
  3. How To Use


We went ahead and download top projects from the npm registry that make use of EsLint. We ended up with a total of 388 individual repositories.

Our goal is to find which are the most popular option done by developers for the EsLint configuration fields. The fields are:

  • extends
  • env
  • plugins
  • parserOptions
  • parser
  • rules
  • ecmaFeatures
  • overrides
  • settings
  • globals

A field may appear in the configuration or not. In the latter case, it means that the default configuration given by the EsLint Configuration is used. We counted how many times each field appeared. We then found out all the possible configurations a field can take and counted their appearences as well.

You can check out all the configuration details in the EsLint Configuration Page.

Finally, we were able to create out own configurations files (.eslintrc.json) with the most popular options between developers.

Note: In our choice we exluded fields that appeared in less than 80 out of 387 repositories (approximately 1/5). We made and exception for globals, and we excluded. The reason is that every developer uses his own global variables that are different from project to project.


We created 2 configuration files for EsLint both in .json and .yaml format. -popEslintrcSimple.json popEslintrcSimple.yaml -popEslintrc.json popEslintrc.yaml

The two first ones are simple and contain just the most popular option for each field. In the two second ones the parameters for populrity weren't just the top choice. In order for an option to be included the following criteria should be met:

  • the number of times this option is used must be higher than the mean of all options appearences
  • the number of times this option is used must be higher than 10
  • this option must not be contradictory or a redundancy to a more popular option that has alreaby been included

The first ones are great for a beginner to start working with EsList , because they consist of the simplest and most popular settings. The second ones are better for more experienced developers that want for detailed and accurate results.

We also created two more .json files with the statistics for all the fields.

  • popConfig.json It contains all the fields except rules. For each field there is the property setting and the property timesUsed. Declaring what is the option for that field and how many times it was used.

  • popRules.json This is the exact equivalent but only for the field rules. The seperation has been made because of the huge amount of data in the rules field.

Important Note: In the last two files every field has a setting called default. It means that this field hasn't appeared in a repo so its settings are set to default.

How To Use

You can download our configuration files, save them as .eslintrc.json or .eslintrc.yaml add them to your project folder and start working with EsLint.

For more information/details visit the EsLint Page.


An eslint configuration with the most popular configurations found in the npm registry




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