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mymindstorm committed Sep 25, 2018
1 parent d2afd04 commit 541924e96e673755d1958072e2a8c2caa7f994b1
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@@ -7,18 +7,22 @@ stages:
- stage: test
name: "TS style check"
script: "gts check"
- stage: test
name: "lintspaces"
script: "npm i -g lintspaces-cli && lintspaces -nt -d 'spaces' -i 'js-comments' src/* view/* manifest-*.json css/popup.css css/import.css"
- stage: test
name: "Build Firefox and run addons-linter"
script: "npm install --only=production addons-linter && npm run firefox && addons-linter firefox"
- stage: test
name: "Build Chrome"
script: "npm run chrome"
- stage: test
# new i18n strings
name: "Process new i18n strings"
script: bash scripts/
if: branch = dev AND type != pull_request
- stage: deploy
# release tagging
name: "Release tagging"
script: bash scripts/
if: branch = release AND type != pull_request

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