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Authentiq OpenID Connect Registration Handler for Salesforce

Registration handler for using Authentiq as a Salesforce OpenID provider.

Follow these steps to register Authentiq as an authentication provider for your Salesforce domain, so that your users can sign in to Salesforce using their Authentiq ID.

Set up your Salesforce domain

Domain management

In your Salesforce dashboard, in the lefthand column, select Domain Management under Administration Setup and make sure you have a domain set up here. If not, follow these directions from Salesforce to set up a domain.

Create registration handler

Apex classes

To create a registration handler for Authentiq, go to the Apex Classes menu in the left column of your Salesforce dashboard.

Press New and you should be presented with a text editor.

Apex editor

Copy and paste the raw code of the latest Authentiq Registration Handler in the editor and press Save.

Create an new authentication provider

Security controls

Now select Security Controls under Administration Setup and click through to Manage Authentication Providers.

Manage Authentication Providers

If you don’t have an authentication provider set up then this list will be empty.

New provider

Press New and select Open ID Connect from the drop down, then use the following data to fill out the form.

Field Value
Name Authentiq
URL Suffix authentiq
Consumer Key Your Client ID from the Authentiq Dashboard
Consumer Secret Your Client Secret from the Authentiq Dashboard
Authorize Endpoint URL
Token Endpoint URL
User Info Endpoint URL
Token Issuer Leave this blank
Default Scopes openid aq:name~r email~rs phone~s address aq:push
Send access token in header Checked
Send client credentials in header Unchecked
Custom Error URL Leave this blank
Custom Logout URL Leave this blank
Registration Handler The Registration Handler you created above
Execute Registration As The user you want to use to issue new registrations
Icon URL

Filled form without handler

Towards the bottom, press the magnifying lens next to the Registration Handler field. In the pop-up window, select the AuthentiqRegistrationHandler you created earlier.

Select handler

Now select the magnifying lens next to the Execute Registration As input field and select the account that you would like to use to perform the registrations as.

Save your new Authentication Provider.

Providers list

Log in with Authentiq!

In a private browser window, navigate to your Salesforce domain/website. You should now have the option to sign in with Authentiq below the regular username & password form.

Login with AuthentiqID

Press Log in using Authentiq, scan the QR code with your Authentiq ID, and you're in!


Authentiq OpenID Connect Registration Handler for Salesforce




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