A simple implementation of an Authy protected site using NodeJS and AngularJS
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Authy Demo Site - 2FA and Phone Verification

A simple NodeJS and AngularJS implementation of a website that uses Authy to protect all assets within a folder. Additionally, we have a simple Phone Verification demo website. This app uses MongoDB as a data store. You may have to install that as well and make sure it is up and running.

2FA Demo

  • URL path "/protected" is protected with both user session and Authy 2FA
  • Authy OneCode (SMS and Voice)
  • Authy SoftTokens
  • Authy OneTouch (via polling)

Phone Verification

  • Phone Verification
  • SMS or Voice Call


  • NOTE: This demo works for MongoDB v3.6+
    • If you're having issues, its probably related to the above.
  • Clone this repo
  • Run npm install
  • Register for a Twilio Account.
  • Setup an Authy app via the Twilio Console.
  • Grab an Authy API key from the Authy dashboard and save it in your demo.env
  • Load the demo.env environmental variables into your shell source demo.env
  • Check and make sure MongoDB is up and running
  • Run nodemon . or node . from the cloned repo to run the app


  • MIT