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Addressed the problem of forgetting passwords because they are randomly generated without any connection to the person using the password by developing a new password generator to create easier to remember words that could be used in passwords.
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Secure password


A Password API where you can combine and make more secure passwords.

Download it then import it into your html document with a variation of this:

<script src="js/WordsAPI.js"></script>

The API currently has 6 function(s) with 3 complete:

    takes a list and formats it to be better used in the other functions
    Should be called by all of them

    Example: FormatList(wordlist);
        formats the wordlist with NO return

    takes a list and combines it.

    Example: createPassWords(wordlist);
        returns a new word from all the words it was given

    takes a list randomizes the casing in each individual word.

    Example: randomizeCasing(wordlist);
        Modified Wordlist NOT returned, but the orgininal is modified.

//Three of the below
    takes a wordlist and substitutes in a variety of L337 SP34K Characters
    Currently 3 functions of varying L33T.
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