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These pages provide the key documentation for AutoFixture:

  • High level questions are covered in the FAQ.
  • Quick samples of common tasks live in the Cheat Sheet.
  • AutoFixture is designed around a very general and extensible kernel, with the standard interface represented by the Fixture representing an opinionated Facade. The architecture and extensibility points are described in Internal Architecture.
  • Usually each major version brings some features and breaking changes. See information below for more detail:


AutoFixture has a consistent track record of welcoming new contributors and changes that fit within its mission; if you consistently supply code of a high standard, you will eventually be granted Developer rights. See CONTRIBUTING.


AutoFixture is set for Continuous Integration on AppVeyor. The latest build can be downloaded from there, but Continuous Delivery is also enabled, which means that any tagged commit is also automatically published on NuGet.

Getting help

The primary way to find answers is via the AutoFixture tag on Stack Overflow - you'll find an active community of users (and contributors) there with excellent response times.

Detailed articles

There are extensive articles on ploeh blog covering varying aspects directly and indirectly related to AutoFixture's design.

Other resources:

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