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Auto Load Next Post Code Snippet Library

This is a community-maintained repository of code snippets that help modify the default behavior of Auto Load Next Post.

Snippets are placed in its own file with a name that describes what it does.

Using Snippets

  1. Click on the filename of the snippet you'd like to use. Each file is must be enqueued into your theme.
  2. Click the "Raw" button (next to "Blame" and "History") at the top right.
  3. Save the page from your browser to your theme folder where you place your theme assets. Be sure to save it as a .js file.
  4. Enqueue the JS into your theme.

Submitting Your Snippet

We welcome and encourage everyone to submit their code snippets. If you would like to submit your snippet, please fork the repository and then create a pull request.

Please refer to the contributing guidelines before submitting your pull request.

Proposing a Snippet

If there is a snippet you are unable to find and would like to propose get written, please open an issue and describe your need.


These snippets come with no guarantees. Due to the constant evolution of the Auto Load Next Post codebase, it is possible that the behavior of these snippets may change overtime. Find something broken? Let us know!