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Auto Load Next Post Documentation

JavaScript Triggers

JavaScript triggers can come in handy when you need something to happen a certain way or at a certain time. Below are the triggers available that you can use dispatched directly from the core of Auto Load Next Post.

If you are wanting to trigger a 3rd party script then you may find the Events section under Auto Load Next Post settings page useful.

✏️ Note: Not all 3rd party scripts trigger the same way.

Entering a post

alnp-enter is triggered when entering a post.

$('body').on( 'alnp-enter', function( e, divider ) {
    console.log('Entered post!');

Leaving a post

alnp-leave is triggered when leaving a post.

$('body').on( 'alnp-leave', function( e, divider ) {
    console.log('Left post!');

Post changed

alnp-post-changed is triggered when the viewer is reading another post.

An example of using this trigger would be to track other analytics of your choosing such as Facebook pixels.

$('body').on( 'alnp-post-changed', function( e, this_title, this_url, this_post_id, post_count, stop_reading, initial_post ) {
    console.log('Post has changed!');

Post URL

alnp-post-url is triggered before the post is fetched. This is useful should you wish to change the URL of the next post to load after X amount of posts.

$('body').on( 'alnp-post-url', function( e, post_count, post_url ) {
    console.log('Post URL changed!');

Post data

alnp-post-data is triggered before the post is appended to the DOM should you need to manipulate the post data.

$('body').on( 'alnp-post-data', function( e, post ) {
    console.log('Post data has appended!');

Post loaded

alnp-post-loaded is triggered once a post has loaded.

An example of using this trigger would be to limit the number of posts per session and prevent further posts from loading once the post_count has reached its total.

$('body').on( 'alnp-post-loaded', function( e, params ) {
    console.log('Post loaded!');

Other usage and examples are available.

Previous post

alnp-previous-post is triggered when you have pressed the back button in your browser.

$('body').on( 'alnp-previous-post', function( e, previous_post ) {
    console.log('Gone back to the previous post!');

✏️ Note: Your JavaScript triggers must be loaded after Auto Load Next Post in order to trigger these callbacks.

Are you looking for examples?

You're in luck as I also have a code snippet library which I am compiling a list of examples in use by Auto Load Next Post users.

Javascript boilerplate

A boilerplate for the purpose of adding your own callbacks via a plugin is available. All that you have to do is edit the Javascript file and customize the trigger you wish to apply your callback to.

If you have any issues with this guide, or the documentation that is linked throughout, please open a new issue in this repository for it to be reviewed. Thank you!