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Allow mapping-by-constructor to be disabled via configuration #192

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Paul Marfleet Ross Merrigan Jimmy Bogard
Paul Marfleet

I've added a method to the Mapper configuration that allows mapping-by-constructor to be disabled. While a useful feature, it would be helpful if it could be disabled and for the parameterless constructor to always be used to construct an object. Mapping-by-constructor remains on by default so this is not a breaking change.


Ross Merrigan

+1 this is a good idea for anyone that might me migrating from v1 to v2 and not expecting the greedy constructor mapping

Jimmy Bogard jbogard closed this in 114fe92
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Apr 04, 2012
Paul Marfleet pmarflee Added a global configuration setting that allows mapping-by-construct…
…or to be disabled
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