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% Function to show how close 2 images are to each other using SURF
function SURFMatch(Ia, Ib)
% Code borrowed and modified from
% Use SURF to detect feature points
imPts1 = detectSURFFeatures(rgb2gray(Ia));
imPts2 = detectSURFFeatures(rgb2gray(Ib));
% Extract feature descriptors
[features1, valid1] = extractFeatures(rgb2gray(Ia), imPts1);
[features2, valid2] = extractFeatures(rgb2gray(Ib), imPts2);
% Extract index pairs corresponding to matching features
indexPairs = matchFeatures(features1, features2);
% Extract matching features
matchedPoints1 = valid1(indexPairs(:, 1));
matchedPoints2 = valid2(indexPairs(:, 2));
% Visualize correspondences
showMatchedFeatures(Ia, Ib, matchedPoints1, matchedPoints2);
showMatchedFeatures(Ia, Ib, matchedPoints1, matchedPoints2, 'montage');
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