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The template to be used for all CodeScreen Angular coding tests.
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This is the template to be used for all CodeScreen Angular tests on Autocruit.


The tests that are run against the candidate's solution for your coding test must use Selenium and JUnit and be written in Java.

All tests must be located in the src/test directory.

An example of these tests are located in the src/test/io/autocruit directory.

Any test class who's filename ends with "" will not be visible to the candidate and will only be run once the candidate has completed their coding test solution.

The pom.xml must be not be modified.

To run the tests, run your application using ng serve then run mvn clean package. Maven needs to be installed to run the tests, see steps to install Maven here.

Note that each test class uses a seperate copy of the Selenium driver, which means none of the web application's session state can be shared across multiple test classes.

The maximum size that your repo can be is 400MB.

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