This is a NodeJs console app illustrating how Forge Design Automation can be used to process 3ds Max files in the cloud
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Design Automation for 3ds Max sample

Platforms Node.js License

oAuth2 Data-Management Design Automation


This sample contains 3 scripts that demonstrate how Design Automation can be leverage to convert a simple 3ds Max file into an FBX file using nodejs. Using this sample, you should be able to:

  • Create and upload an appbundle
  • Create an activity
  • Upload to OSS your local max file
  • Send a workitem to execute your activity
  • Download the result FBX file from OSS to your local machine

Sample Output



  • Node.js 10 or later

Running locally

  1. Register for a Forge application at You'll need the key and secret for building and running any sample apps
    • Choose Design Automation API V3 and Data Management API for the APIs you want to use in your app.

Setup Config file

Inside the /config folder you will need to create a file named dev.default.json.

  1. Inside this file you will need to provide the following information:
	"forge": {
		"clientId": "Setup your forge client id here",
		"clientSecret": "Setup your forge client secret here",
		"ossBucketName": "Choose a unique OSS bucket name where the inputs and output will be uploaded must be of the form [-_.a-z0-9]{3,128} "
  1. Open a command prompt inside the javascript/ExportToFBX and follow the steps:
  • Install the npm packages by running:

     npm install
  • Create your appBundle by running:

     node createAndUploadApp.js
  • Create your activity by running:

     node createActivity.js
  • Launch a workitem to convert your 3dsMax file to FBX:

     node executeWorkitem.js C:/path/to/your/max/file.max

Understanding the sample

A detailed description of the sample is available in Docs/

Quotas and Limits

Apps, Activities and WorkItems have quotas and limits. To find out more information on this can be found in Rate Limits and Quotas.


This sample is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for full details.

Written by

Jeremy Farand-Belanger, Autodesk Inc.