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Releases: Autodesk/maya-usd

Version 0.24.0

07 Jul 15:00
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Important Information

This release of MayaUSD no longer supports Maya 2019 and Maya 2020. This change also means that USD versions older than 21.11 are also no longer supported


  • Built using USD version 22.11 for Maya 2024
  • Built using USD version 21.11 for Maya 2023 & Maya 2022
  • MaterialX 1.38.5


  • New "Add Payload" feature.
  • Added metersPerUnit flag to the export framework to assist export to multiple targets using a different scaling convention.
  • Initial migration of the UsdUfe code to its own project in MayaUSD. This will allow the Ufe work to be used in other projects.
  • Import Chasers now have improved access for the Maya DAG to USD mapping.
  • Improvements to Relative paths including Bulk Saving layers.
  • Edit Routing is now support for Attributes and compound operations.
  • General Stability fixes.

See changelog

Version 0.23.0

29 Mar 17:17
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Important information

MayaUSD 0.23.0, Bifrost, and MtoA 5.3.1 all use a version of USD that provides important security enhancements. It is recommended that you upgrade to these versions of MayaUSD, Bifrost, and MtoA. Download links are available in the appropriate release notes
* Bifrost for Maya Release Notes
* Release Notes - Arnold for Maya
For more information on version compatibility, refer to the following support article
* Maya USD, Bifrost, and Arnold compatibility

Hydra for Maya (Technology Preview)

  • Initial release of a new Maya plugin to replace the Maya viewport with a Hydra viewer. More information can be found here
  • Hydra for Maya is the continuation of the experimental MtoH plugin. Therefore, MtoH is no longer actively maintained and not part of the installer of USD for Maya. More details about the changes and differences between MtoH and Hydra for Maya can be found here


  • Built using USD version 22.11 for Maya 2024
  • Built using USD version 21.11 for Maya 2023 and earlier
    • Note: this is special build that includes security fixes. To denote this a special version number is being used. For example 0.22.11-ad1. This is to highlight that the build being used is NOT binary compatible with 0.22.11 or 21.11
    • This is used with the Environment variable MAYA_USD_VERSION
  • MaterialX 1.38.5
  • Improved unit tests for Display Layers
  • Added PXR_USD_WINDOWS_DLL_PATH to all of the windows .mod templates


  • Use “mtl” as default scope name on export
  • Import meshes with single samples as static geometry
  • Add Custom Layer Data export flag


  • Block commands when layers are muted
  • Allow USD references to be relative
  • Allow loading relative sub layers
  • Extend Viewport and Outliner menus to allowing assigning new or existing materials
  • Preview of relative path (resolved and unresolved)

Display Layers

  • Implement color override for instanced geometry
  • Implement untextured mode for instanced geometry
  • Implement wireframe mode for instanced geometry
  • Implement template and reference modes for instanced geometry

See changelog

Version 0.22.0

15 Feb 18:35
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  • Compiled with USD 21.11 and MaterialX 1.38.5
  • Minor Unit Test fixes and updates
  • Prepare for UFE 4.0


  • Implemented Relative file support for loading and saving USD root files relative to their scene file
  • UI updates to provide relative file paths during saving
  • Remove frequent warning in Arnold/RenderMan shading workflows
  • Improved opacity computations for MaterialX and USD materials

General Updates

  • Improved NURBS export
  • Correctly expose Material attributes in the Attribute editor
  • Exporting Normals by default when subdivisions schema is set to True
  • Fix material export when preserving UVset names


  • Improved documentation of the export command including the update in the Normals workflow

See changelog

Version 0.21.0

13 Dec 14:25
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  • Compiled with USD 21.11 and Materialx 1.38.5
  • RHEL8 with new ABI support
  • Various Unit Test updates and additions

General Updates

  • Support added for exporting Parent Offset Matrix
  • Assignment of Materials to multiple Objects
  • Allow custom UI hooks for MayaUsd ProxyShape
  • WorldSpace flag support for exporting to USD
  • Fix export behaviour when subDivScheme is “None”
  • Handle rename and reparent in the orphaned nodes manager
  • Allow the creation of prims in weaker layers


  • Implement display layer’s bbox mode for instanced geometry
  • Implement display layer’s visibility for instanced geometry
  • Update render when color prefs change

See changelog

Version 0.20.0

25 Oct 14:27
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General build updates and housekeeping, notably:

  • UB2 (x86_64 + arm64) support
  • Update to MaterialX 1.38.5

Updates/enhancements on Display Layer support:

  • Corrected handling of Display List vs Variants
  • Correct texture/wireframe/bbox display when prims in a display layer


  • Expanded docs for the Maya Reference Edit Router
  • Describe more fully the UFE/Maya shipping matrix
  • Update to the Autodesk contacts on the Contributor License Agreement (for new contributors only)

General stability, bug, and UI fixes

See changelog

Version 0.19.0

22 Aug 17:59
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Maya Reference now available by default!
Support for Display Layer interaction with USD objects

  • Prims are now able to be referenced and templated in display layers

Expanded support for USD types - Normal3f, Point3f
Settable default prim when caching to USD
UI/UX improvements including :

  • Preserve session layer on save
  • Progress bar for import/export/push/pull
  • Outliner icons for shading types
  • Remember previous selected options
  • Extra tabs showing bound surface materials

Improvements to translator framework including namespace support for on USD import
Documentation updates (e.g. list of supported USD versions, layer saving, info on Maya 2023)
General stability fixes

See changelog

Version 0.18.0

10 May 19:52
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Release Highlights:

Compiled with USD 21.11
Upgraded to MaterialX 1.38.4

  • Improved support for MaterialX including
    • Support for 1.38.4
    • Exposing the colorCorrect node
    • Support for AMD’s MaterialX library
    • MaterialX display on MacOS
  • Correct support for Default Lighting Intensity
  • Added support for merging offset parent matrix
  • Added mesh export options to preserve and remap UV set names
  • Prevent recursive edit as Maya
  • Fix target layer moves & stays on session layer when editing as Maya data
  • Multiple UI fixes including
    • Merge Maya edits to USD option box: “cancel” button should be “close”
    • Add Layer Editor menu item to the context menu of edited-as-Maya objects
    • Add contextual menu to bind materials
  • General stability fixes

See changelog

Version 0.17.0

05 Apr 20:58
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Release Highlights:

  • Compiled with USD 21.11 and MaterialX 1.38.3
  • Fixes to Edit as Maya workflows including
    • Selection persistence
    • Stability improvements to Undo/Redo
    • Loss of geometry or texture shaders
  • Performance issues resolved when selecting many USD entities
  • Delete key now clears a prim instead of de-activating it
  • Documentation Improvements
  • Fixed localization issues in Chinese Versions
  • Marking Maya-to-Hydra (MtoH) as "Experimental"
  • General stability fixes

See changelog

Version 0.16.0

10 Feb 18:09
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Release Highlights:

  • Compiled with USD 21.11 and MaterialX 1.38.3
    • Basic interop of standard surface and preview surface via MaterialX node definitions and UsdShade is available in binaries.
    • Visualization of UsdShade + MaterialX node definitions in VP2RenderDelegate is available in binaries.
    • Support for AMD MaterialX Library
  • Added UsdSkel CPU compute support for VP2RenderDelegate
  • Added documentation for new translation framework APIs (API schema adapters and job context)
  • AL_USDMaya ProxyDrawOverride/ProxyShapeSelect removal
  • Performance improvements for viewport selection
  • General stability fixes

See changelog

Version 0.15.0

16 Dec 21:07
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Release Highlights:

  • Compiled with USD v21.08
  • General stability fixes have been addressed across the plugin
  • You can now lock/unlock USD attributes from Maya's Attribute Editor
  • Python bindings for chasers are available
  • UI for import/export dialogs to support Job Contexts
  • Implement minimal merge of modified data when merging back to USD after editing in Maya
  • Unloaded prims now appear in the outliner consistently
  • The instanceable state of prims can now be toggled from the outliner context menu.

See changelog