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#pragma once
#include <sydevs/systems/function_node.h>
namespace sydevs_examples {
using namespace sydevs;
using namespace sydevs::systems;
* This node adds flow inputs "a" and "b" to produce flow output "c".
template<typename T>
class plus_node : public function_node
// Constructor/Destructor:
plus_node(const std::string& node_name, const node_context& external_context);
virtual ~plus_node() = default;
// Ports:
port<flow, input, T> a_input;
port<flow, input, T> b_input;
port<flow, output, T> c_output;
// Event Handlers:
virtual void flow_event();
template<typename T>
inline plus_node<T>::plus_node(const std::string& node_name, const node_context& external_context)
: function_node(node_name, external_context)
, a_input("a_input", external_interface())
, b_input("b_input", external_interface())
, c_output("c_output", external_interface())
template<typename T>
inline void plus_node<T>::flow_event()
// Get the two flow input values, add them together, and assign the result
// to the flow output port.
const T& a = a_input.value();
const T& b = b_input.value();
T c = a + b;
} // namespace
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