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#pragma once
#include <examples/demo/queueing/queueing_node.h>
#include <examples/demo/queueing/plus_node.h>
#include <sydevs/systems/composite_node.h>
namespace sydevs_examples {
using namespace sydevs;
using namespace sydevs::systems;
* This node places two queueing nodes end-on-end, so that incoming jobs must
* pass through two queues in order to be processed. The idle duration of this
* composite node is the sum of the idle durations of the two queueing nodes.
class two_stage_queueing_node : public composite_node
// Constructor/Destructor:
two_stage_queueing_node(const std::string& node_name, const node_context& external_context);
virtual ~two_stage_queueing_node() = default;
// Ports:
port<flow, input, duration> serv_dt_input; // service duration
port<message, input, int64> job_id_input; // job ID (input)
port<message, output, int64> job_id_output; // job ID (output)
port<flow, output, duration> idle_dt_output; // idle duration
// Components:
queueing_node queue_A; // node representing the 1st stage (queue A)
queueing_node queue_B; // node representing the 2nd stage (queue B)
plus_node<duration> plus; // node adding the idle times of both queues A and B
two_stage_queueing_node::two_stage_queueing_node(const std::string& node_name, const node_context& external_context)
: composite_node(node_name, external_context)
, serv_dt_input("serv_dt_input", external_interface())
, job_id_input("job_id_input", external_interface())
, job_id_output("job_id_output", external_interface())
, idle_dt_output("idle_dt_output", external_interface())
, queue_A("queue_A", internal_context())
, queue_B("queue_B", internal_context())
, plus("plus", internal_context())
// Flow Input Links:
inward_link(serv_dt_input, queue_A.serv_dt_input);
inward_link(serv_dt_input, queue_B.serv_dt_input);
// Flow Micro Links:
inner_link(queue_A.idle_dt_output, plus.a_input);
inner_link(queue_B.idle_dt_output, plus.b_input);
// Flow Output Links:
outward_link(plus.c_output, idle_dt_output);
// Message Input Links:
inward_link(job_id_input, queue_A.job_id_input);
// Message Micro Links:
inner_link(queue_A.job_id_output, queue_B.job_id_input);
// Message Output Links:
outward_link(queue_B.job_id_output, job_id_output);
} // namespace
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