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v0.2.0 Instructor FAQs

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Web Application

  1. I modified the course / lab settings in admin section, but the changes are not reflected in the main page. What should I do to reflect the configuration changes?
    Ans: Please restart the mainserver container using
    cd JavaAutolab/deploy
    sudo ansible -i inventory mainserver --become --ask-become-pass -m docker_container -a "name=mainserver state=started restart=yes"

  2. I create a lab with non-alphanumeric character in lab name, ex: "dsa-lab1". The Autolab system breaks down.
    Ans: The lab names can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9). A lab name can not start with an integer. Please change the name of the lab in labs.json file either from terminal or from admin section. Once the lab name is updated, ask the administrator to restart the relevant autolab components using the commands.

    $sudo docker restart mainserver
    $sudo docker restart loadbalancer
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