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v0.2.0 Manage Course

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You can manage the creation, update and deletion of labs from the website of your installation. You can also edit the course details from the webpage of the installation.The instructions for managing the labs are given below.

  1. Login
    Open the admin URL: You will be shown a form with a Login Key. Please enter the login key specified in AutolabJS/deploy/configs/main_server/APIKeys.json.

  2. Choose Configure
    You will be shown a page with Configure and Revaluate buttons. Of the two, only Configure is working. Click on Configure button.

  3. Edit Course Details

  4. Edit Existing Labs
    You will be shown a series of tabs, each tab corresponding to a lab. If you would like to delete a lab, all you have to do is click on the cross-mark corresponding the the lab.

    If you want to edit the details of the lab, click anywhere on the tab except the cross-mark. You will be shown a filled form. You can edit the lab details as per your requirements.

  5. Create New Lab
    Click on Add Labs button. A new tab will be added to the page. You can click on the newly added tab to see an empty form. A layout of the form is shown below. You can fill the details of the form.

    (NOTE: The time is to be specified in HH:MM format, ex: 13:30 for 1:30PM and 4:00 for 4AM)

    Please also note that the name of the lab should be same as the gitlab repository, i.e., each lab created on the website should have a corresponding gitlab repository with same name for successful evaluation.

  6. Save
    After the editing work is complete, click on Save button. After completing the configuration, do remember to logout.

  7. Restart Main Server
    Login to the computer running the mainserver container and restart the mainserver container.

    $ sudo docker restart mainserver

    Now, the modifications shall be reflected on the website.

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